Processing honey for you.

Processing honey for you.


What we do

We provide a service to beekeepers who have hives but haven’t the means to extract the honey.

We process honey for hobbyists or for semi-commercial operators in a way that keeps it as natural as possible.

Your honey is then returned to you, packaged the way you choose, or, we buy the honey from you at a competitive price.

We can also provide bees for your backyard.


your honey

In our purpose-built facility, we will extract, strain and decant your honey.

After the honey is extracted it’s strained through a mesh sieve that removes bee parts and wax but retains all the natural pollen.

The honey is processed at a low temperature to keep all the benefits of raw honey.

Honey will be tested for Tutin.

The honey will be decanted into your choice of food grade buckets or glass or plastic jars.

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Do you have honey you would like us to process?

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Who we are

A family owned and operated business.

Hibiscus Coast locals for over 30 years.


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